My Favorite Queer Things

A few of my favorite queer things.

In normal baby dyke fashion, I find myself actively seeking lesbian things and immersing myself in them and collecting them. I want to gather all the queers, stuff them in my house, sit and talk about all things queer. I want to know how they feel about the laws in their country, ask them if lesbians are really hoes, if they are out, if they love Ari Fitz as much as I do, what they think lesbian sex is, you know, important stuff. I have been soaking up as much queer stuff as I can. I don’t know why. Maybe part of me thinks one day my queerness will be taken away from me. I don’t know. What I know is here are a few of my favorite queer things. Don’t read ahead unless you plan on sharing yours too.

  1. Love and Lesbians New York is my favorite Lesbian YouTube series. Season 3 returns on June 4th and I can’t stay still. Ugh. It’s so dramatic. But it has some beautiful people and you know I can’t resist those. Also the sex scenes feel like amateur porn and well, that’s my favorite. Imagine a Kenyan lesbian series of our own? How amazing would that be?
  2. is my favorite queer blog. She is so funny, witty and entertaining. And so relatable. She says what I am thinking, all the time!!!
  3. Celesbian Weekly is my favorite column from . It’s where I go to keep up with lesbian celebrities. It’s also where I go to find out which famous people are lesbians. It can’t hurt to know. Just in case I end up meeting them. You know?
  4. I know Tinder is not a queer thing but we don’t have Grindr for lesbians so it suffices. I have met the most amazing people from Tinder. Also, there is nothing as therapeutic as swiping left (or in rare occasions), right. Are people really using Tinder to ask for nudes? Is that a thing that I should start doing? Wait, do people derive pleasure from staring at strangers’ naked bodies? Isn’t porn better?
  5. Embracelust66 is my favorite Literotica writer, over at After reading a few of her stories, I deduce that she has a thing for domination and submission. And well, I might have a thing for that too, you know. Also, I don’t know how you like your literotica but I like mine well written. If I see bad grammar or a word that is used incorrectly, I might stop playing and focus on that. No one wants that when they are playing. Before her, I loved Otazel. She is a brilliant writer but she had this thing where most of the women in her stories were married and just eating pussy because they always wondered what it tasted like. Maybe I should create a literotica category and make you guys send in your queer erotica. Hmmm.
  6. M. Who might possibly be my next girlfriend? I’ve cancelled this out because I don’t know if by telling you guys, I’m jinxing things. I was supposed to be hoeing around and not settling down, but I might just hang up my hoe socks and wife M. We’ll see.
  7. Hailey Kiyoko is my favorite queer artist. Check her out, you’ll see why.
  8. Ari Fitz used to be my favorite queer YouTuber but my love is waning. I don’t know why. The love that has been steadfast is that which I have for Jen from Buzzfeed Ladylike. She has this segment called ‘In the Closet’ which is amazing. It’s what I’d do too if being gay was legal. But oh well.
  9. An Anthology of Queer Art which is a collection of art, fiction and nonfiction stories from the queer folk over at Nigeria. It’s a TREASURE. My god. Brilliantly written and poignant. I have the soft copy if you’d want to read it.

That’s all from me. How about you guys? What and who are you loving? Let me know. Also, if you are a bay dyke trying to find your footing in the queer world, an experienced queer with tales and advice to share, or if you just have anything to say really, please email me at . I am open to guest writers who need space to air their views. Till next time,

😘. See you over the 🌈.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ice says:


    I stumbled upon your blog yesterday – a pleasant surprise, because most Kenyan queer blogs seem to be defunct. I’m pleased to see that you wrote today as well. Anyway, I read your article about your favourite queer things. You mentioned that you had the book I’ve mentioned in the subject ( An Anthology of Queer Art). I’d really appreciate it if you could send me a soft copy. Thanks for the list by the way. I’ll be watching Love and Lesbians NY soon.


    1. Thank you for your comment. 😊 I hope you’ll enjoy our future content. Let me forward the anthology to you. I hope you’ll like LLNY..some people have said it’s too dramatic. 😂


  2. Ice says:

    Sorry, I had sent an email earlier but for some reason it bounced back (hence the mention of a subject)


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