Lesbians and Bananas

It’s proving to be an interesting Monday after all, what with the latest study that says a love for bananas among young primary school girls might be an indication of lesbianism. I knew there was a reason why I love bananas. Hahaha.

The report filed after the study of 97 Kenyan schools said that homosexuality has roots in primary school. That’s where it all begins and by the time the poor gay kids get to High school, they are already deeply immersed in their gayness.

“It says students who are lesbians are absent minded, lack concentration in class and are very secretive.”

Wow. I am trying to go back to my high school days. Was I absent minded? Was I secretive? I’d like to have a look at that report. What does it attribute the absent mindedness, lack of concentration and secretiveness to? The secretiveness comes with the territory what with the looming threat of expulsion. But the absent mindedness? As a young lesbian in class, do you not pay attention because you are busy thinking of your desk mate and what you’ll do after class? Lol. I don’t know.

“Other characteristic include girls buying bananas and test tubes for ‘use’ in their dormitories, hostility towards the opposite sex, affection to same gender and possessive friendship. Girls write love notes to fellow girls, girls behaving like men, funny hairstyles and dress code, indecent behaviours such as touching other girls’ privates, pairing and always found together, sharing beds and holding hands”

The above reminds me of the time our high school made us stop hugging each other because lesbianism was brewing and they had to nip it in the bud. We could no longer hold hands or hug. It sucked for me because my then best friend and I used to hug all the time. We’d be everywhere together, holding hands and what not. I loved hugging her. The feel of her tiny, perky boobs on my sizable ones was pure magic. The teachers might have been on to something. Come to think of it, we loved leaving notes for each other. I didn’t think then I was a lesbian though the signs were everywhere. To be honest, if I could get a do over of high school and campus, I’d live it up. I’d be ‘touching other girls’ privates, pairing, sharing beds and holding hands”.

What was the point of this post? I forget. Anyway, please share what your school experience as a queer person was like. I’d love to know. Also, are you a lesbian that doesn’t like bananas? According to this report, you might not be gay at all. Sorry.



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