Cupid’s Shoot Part 1

“First off, I admire your courage. Even after 2 expulsions I cannot begin to fathom the idea of coming out just yet. In my head,  it is safer to be queer as a fantasy than actual reality. The truth of it is too heavy even for myself, but in due time.

Anyway, in my realm of lesbian fantasy, I came up with something short I would like you to read. Then if you choose to put up that literotica section, I hope to have inspired you 🙂 When I do find the courage, I will join the pride.”

This email was sent to me by a lovely lady who we will keep anonymous for obvious reasons. She reminded me why this is important. Why we need a safe space where we can go to, to be ourselves if only for a minute. That’s what I aim to create here. She is a brilliant writer who has written what you are about to read. Enjoy, leave a comment and watch out for part 2. And if you’d want to guest post too, you can email me at Whatever you want to say, I want to hear it. Now without further a do, get comfortable and enjoy this beautiful story.

The walk to Uhuru Park was meant to calm my nerves. I hadn’t set out to be a model but here I was. Booked for my first magazine spread and a queue lining up to have me showcase their designs. I said yes to every local finesse and they loved me for it.

The photography entity doing this shoot had launched a couple of multinational models in the past and their interest in me was humbling really. Mind blowing but humbling. I checked into the gate a few minutes to 6:30 am which was our agreed time.

The sun had just begun to stretch its orange arms of control over the towers of Nairobi and the backdrop to my fame stood magnificently. I heard voices soon after I found a bench to lounge on and took it as my cue to get ready.

“Hey Jennie!” One of the guys waved to me.

“Hey! I’m sorry I didn’t catch your names.” I guiltily admitted.

“It’s no problem our main photographer will be here in a bit to do that. In the meantime, here is your coffee.” The guy said handing me a takeaway mug of Kaldis coffee.

They set up a temporary changing booth fitted with temperature control as agreed. Two more guys walked in with lighting, camera tripods, extension cables and a couple of life jackets.

“You can go ahead and change,” one of the associates said ushering me to the changing booth.

I walked after him and got into the well-lit booth. I dropped my sweatpants first after getting rid of my sneakers and the chill had my skin immediately bumpy. I had forgotten to shut the door. In my other mind, maybe I wanted to tease the boys in the morning glory before the wake of the day.

I turned to hang my sweatshirt and bra next to the door and I found intense eyes holding my gaze. A girl’s eyes. Scratch that, a woman’s gorgeous eyes so lost in my skin I immediately felt like a maze. But I let her watch. The intensity in her look made me shudder. If it wasn’t for the staff ID hooked on her breast pocket, I would have screamed stalker alert.

But I didn’t.

I simply pulled the door and shut it as I put on the first pair of orange and yellow bikini. She had seen me in full nudity and clearly loved it. I shocked myself by standing there and letting myself be eye-fucked. I have never felt more sexy.

I put on a robe and got out, finding her giving out orders.

In my head: oh gosh, she is the lead photographer!

On my face: utter shock

From my mouth: Pleased to meet you Alexis.

I had genuinely expected a man for this shoot but being grovelled at by a gorgeous woman was bewitching. She had on a white dress shirt with a breast pocket on the left. She left the three top buttons undone and wore a Casio Edifice that stood out on her petite hands. Under the dress shirt, were really short shorts and finished by classy sneakers with golden strands on the side. Alexis was sexy, to say the least.

I disrobed and was helped onto the boat by one of the guys and she came up too.

 “Hey if you feel nervous at any point of this shoot let me know and we’ll change it to something more comfortable.” She assured me.

“I can handle it, but thanks Alexis.” I half stuttered.

“Okay, lights! Pass me the camera!” Then she looked at me reassuringly, “Jump in!”

I jumped into the water getting wetter but the freezing cold meant nothing as long as this woman’s eyes focused on me and focus she did, her eyes and lenses to say the least.

I had to float on my back for a couple of shots.

“You’re doing well Jennie,” She kept ushering me.

Her hand rubbed over mine as she pulled me out of the water and I shuddered. She read it to be cold because she put the robe over my shoulders. I, on the other hand, knew it was that contact. Her skin on mine even if for a little bit.

We rowed back to land making idle talk.

“So, what does Jennie do when she’s not being famous somewhere?”

 “Uhm first off, I am not famous, but I like to spend my time indoors binging on movies and playing poker.”

 “How do you binge-watch and end up with such a body? “

I laughed at that and made a snide comment, “your body is not too bad at all.”

I was flirting…with another girl. The boys dropped their lighting and helped us off the boat and Alexis ushered me to the changing booth. I put on my second set of a black lace and lime green two-piece swimsuit and joined her outside partly covered by the robe. She stated, at my voluptuous hips and wound up on my chest handing me a pair of heels still in silence.

“You look gorgeous Jennie,” Henry mentioned.

The rest just nodded their heads in agreement but Alexis outright stared at me. I started moving towards her and I swear she held her breath as I approached her. I moved past her swaying my hips than usual and held Blink’s hand as he guided me onto the next set.

I lay down on the large life-sized floater slowly moulding my form to match the mermaid inspired floater.

A couple of clicks from Alexis’ camera and she asked me to change position a couple times before I sat down to relax. She asked me to bend over and pretend to crawl towards her which I felt was for her own consumption and not the shoot as intended. So, I brought out my fiercest cat crawl and a click later, she asked me to change.

The sun started to burn hotter and we had to cancel the rest of the shoot until a later time away from the public eye before the magazine spread came out later that month.

“Hey Jennie, what are you doing after this?” She asked me as I changed. “I could buy you breakfast and make up for waking you up so early only to toss you in freezing water.”

“Yeah, I’d like that, thanks. Let me get out of this soaked piece then head out.”

“Okay, I’m waiting outside.”

I put my sweats back on and deliberately left my cleavage at glance level. Just the right amount of sexy. We got into the company car, the boys seated on the backseat. We dropped the boys at the office and I promised to see them sooner for the pending shoot.

Soon after, we drove to Valley Arcade took a right turn and ended up at some posh apartments.

“I prefer my breakfast home-cooked, I hope you don’t mind,” she voiced.

“No, I’m okay with that, ain’t nothing better than fresh breakfast.”

“Let’s do this then,” she said nervously.

 The gate was opened by an old cranky man that passed a vague salute to Alexis and myself and I remember rolling my eyes in disgust because she deserved better than a mundane salute. She deserved to be kissed tenderly and held so gently.

Wait, kiss? Where did that come from? The thought made me pay attention to her face a little more than I had. The cold had filled her face with goose bumps but her neck was still long and sexy joining to her jaw that clenched anytime she was trying to work something out in her mind. Like right this moment, so I voiced it.

“What do you have in mind?

“Uhm nothing really, just trying to figure out what Jennie likes for breakfast.”

“Surprise me, really.”

 Surprise me she did. She stepped into my space closing all the distance there possibly could be between two people attracted to each other and looked at my face more intensely as if looking to memorise the details of it. Her right hand gently pulled my face towards hers and her lips touched mine. To call it bliss would be to understate it. The feeling was sublime, her warm full lips landed on my freezing lips and in return both of us trembled. At the intensity of the sensation no less but of the unspoken need in each other’s eyes.

She led me against the wall holding both my hands above my head and her lips took a sexy walk down my jaw, gently nibbling on my neck and onto my collarbone. She blew my mind with every kiss until her hand started roaming from my waist up. Following and teasing the contours of my ribs, leaving a trail of chills as she worked her way to my quite full chest.

Before touching my now sensitive nub, her eyes opened in tandem with mine and she silently sought permission to explore me further. I agreed by kissing her and my teeth raked on her lower lip pulling back before I drew blood. It was as if neither of us was getting enough of the other. My breath hitched a notch hire when her tongue found a way to dance with mine and I sought to suck on it as my hand gained courage to cup her luscious butt fully in my hands and she let out a groan.

“Well that was fast Jennie, treat that ass right and I’ll be yours for life if you wanted me to.”

 I doubt she realized the intensity of the promise she just made but it made her even sexier. My hands found their way to her chest caressing her now hard nipples over the dress shirt and she moaned grabbing a fistful of hair. My left hand stuck to caressing her breast while my right undid the buttons revealing a bra, black as sin itself but in the contrast of her expatriate skin, was a sight to behold. I silently hoped her panties and bra matched so I unzipped her shorts and pulled them down and to my gratification, they did.

I stepped back to take in the wondrous sight before me and she complained reaching out to pull me to her.

“Not too fast Lexi, I need to take all these in for future reference. You had your turn earlier when you stared, did you like what you saw?”

 “Well Jennie, we’re here, aren’t we?”





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