Cupid’s Shoot- Part Two


Her admission to finding me attractive was all I needed to make her beg. I held her by the waist and pulled her next to me. I sought her sexy eyes, slowly unclothing her soul as I headed to caress her lips with my tongue. The pulse in my nether region gained pace further as I licked her lower lip and gently prodded her mouth open letting myself inside. She let me in and our tongues danced around, above and under each other’s while her hands chose to rid me of any clothing. There was a slight morning chill but in the face of such enchantment, it didn’t slow me down.


Reluctantly pulling away from her lips, I went down to kiss the little spot beneath her ear as my left hand worked from her neck heading lower. She shivered when my hands passed through the curve of her breast and my thumb brushed over her nipple. Slowly but gently my nails raked her skin where her ribs end still moving down heading to brush over her navel. Her taut skin proved very receptive of my touch and with my right hand I held her back against the wall. It was breakfast time and I preferred something of the southern cuisine at that moment.


Down her tummy and onto her navel my tongue licked slowly teasing with my tip. Her eyes opened as if to ask if I was certain. Dropping on my knees seemed to answer her question and she gladly parted her legs letting me in. I took my time admiring the way her labia opened up as if ushering me to get lost in her. Both my hands caressed her legs slowly meeting at the centre but plainly delaying what I knew she wanted most.


She grabbed my head as if to lead me to her aching piece but I refrained and instead blew at her nub so she knew I was close just not close enough yet.


“Please Jennie! Stop the torture.” She whispered albeit breathless.


My okay came with the tip of my tongue following the contour of her slit tasting her musk before sucking on her pulsing nub. Her legs weakened at my touch and she came down with me ending up on the carpet and I found my way to her nether again. I sought to please her and hearing her moan so softly did worse to my already throbbing pulse. The flat of my tongue kept rubbing on her labia while my index finger found her clitoris and rubbed it.


She grabbed my head with her thighs locking me in position and I hastened my motions on her. Her voice went from lazy sexy to incoherency and she kept begging me to go faster. I yielded to my woman’s demands and while my tongue moved to please her clit, my index finger found my way inside her. Her nails dug into my shoulders and with a heavy puff I felt her wetness trickle to follow my index finger.


Her breathing shallow and fast she pulled me up to kiss her, tasting herself in the process.


“How about that for breakfast baby, we call it even?”


You, Jennie, are a monster!”


“I am your monster now.” I said to her smiling as she kept regulating her breath.


We lay side by side on her lush carpet until she recovered enough strength to walk to the kitchen. Her concern for nudity was at zero and she flaunted her body for me. She made coffee and asked me to join her at the open kitchen table.


“I don’t normally do this you know,” Alexis mentioned as she sipped coffee.

“Your life your rules, but I don’t either.” I assured her just to get past the subject.

“I would like to make you a proper breakfast sometime.” Her guilt was eating away at her and I had to do something.

“This was perfect Alexis, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for breakfast!” I said and winked at her.

Her jaw was clenched again and I knew she was thinking about something but lacked the courage to say it. She looked at me but her eyes were shifty.

“Come on, stop overthinking. What’s the matter now? We’re two grown women who have just had a good time.” I tried to find a way to make her talk.

“It’s not that, it’s just that…what happens from here?”

In my head: here we go, the storm after a perfect calm.

“How about we finish that shoot and see how we go from there?” I was being torn apart with the sight of a sad Alexis and especially that I was the reason.

“Okay. I need to shower but TV is in the other room, I will be out shortly.” She said and walked out of the room.

I had wanted to go but now looking back it would have looked bad in the eyes of Alexis who was already too emotional at the moment. So, while she showered I found the TV connected to YouTube and watched funny cat videos. She soon joined me seemingly looking better.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I’m good, sorry for earlier.”

I asked if she had a pack of cards so we could play poker and she did. After 5 rounds with 3 wins, I needed to get back home, shower, change and consult on my pending shoots with a couple of fashion houses in town so I begged to leave.

At the door, I simply went in for a hug, but she grabbed my face and kissed me hard awakening my unfulfilled desire. I’m not one to play with myself but this day proved hard enough to do without.

I got to my house 40 minutes later and my phone light went on. One new message.

Alexis: You will come back won’t you?

Me: I am your monster Alexis, what do you think?

Alexis: I don’t know what to think, all I know for sure is you drive me crazy.

Me: See you at the shoot tomorrow.

Alexis: That reminds me, venue has been changed, we’ll do the rest at the pool in my apartment. Amazing view J

Me: I am certainly looking forward to that view. *wink*

The afternoon went by fast as I watched the 2005 film, Imagine Me and You but in between the movie I kept thinking about Alexis. I decided to distract myself with something a little more dramatic so I opted to watch anything with Steven Seagull in it. It worked enough for me to doze off and pass out on the couch.

My alarm went off waking me up at 5:00am. My neck felt stiff thanks to my passing out on the couch. I headed to the shower and the water drops had me thinking about Alexis’ hands roaming my skin as they did the previous day. I dried off soon after avoiding the temptation of playing with myself. I laughed at my sudden considerations while dressing up. I opted for my dark grey sweatpants, a white vest, black lace bra and topped with a zip up grey hoodie.

Calling a Little cab, I put on my Toms sneakers and added a bit of perfume on my neck. In about 30minutes I was at Alexis’ apartment gate waiting for the cranky old man to open the gate.

Me: Morning, I’m at the gate.

Alexis: Coming.

The gate creaked open and I let myself in bumping into Alexis in the process. We passed various apologies around before she ushered me into her house. The day’s shoot was for lingerie made in Kenya and I loved their fabric choices. Henry said hi and showed me to Alexis’ guest room to change grabbing a pair of satin burgundy stilettos.

After changing into the corset fitted nightwear with garters down on my thighs holding the sexy fishnets complete with the heels, I sought out a washroom and ended up in Alexis’ bedroom. Above the majestic queen size bed, was a portrait of me crawling on a life-size floater, mounted to be right above whoever lay beneath. I felt desired and before she found me, I walked out heading up to the pool.

At the stairs, I found Alexis arranging photography equipment wearing just shorts and an oversize hoodie. The view up there was indeed stunning. She turned upon catching my steps and came right at me, caressing my back and kissed me in front of the boys. Cat calls have never been louder than at that moment.

During the whole shoot, I was hot and bothered and the way Alexis focused on me made it worse. It should be my breast instead of that camera she clung to. She had similar plans because immediately after conclusion of the shoot, she dropped off the boys and while at the office, texted me.

Alexis: Don’t change into anything else.

Me: You can count on it.

It took a dragging hour for her to get back home. She called out to me and I answered I was in her bedroom.

“I see you found yourself!” She taunted.

Before I could answer, her finger rubbed my nub through the lace and she was met with a wet patch.

“Let’s take care of that!” Alexis whispered licking that finger.



The doorbell rang and Alexis rushed out to get the door leaving me on the kitchen counter breathless and holding on to the counter top for dear life. She came back with an envelope in her hand unopened. Curiosity got the best of me and we tore it open.

It was the magazine with our spread. She hastily opened to page 27, and I saw the title, “Cupid’s Shoot”.


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  1. What an amazing writer….give me cupid’s shoot part 3 to 27… Haha


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