Why Not Date A Man



Why do we as human beings, often feel the need to ‘understand’ people’s choices? Let’s just begin by making it clear that everyone should be able to date who they want to, whether they look like a man or a gorilla. It’s no one’s business and should be of no one’s concern.

When I saw this question, I was tempted to type a snarky, witty reply but I held back a little. As a woman who feels a certain attraction to women who look like men, I felt compelled to give my two cents. But I didn’t then so I could do it now, in this post. Why indeed? Why not just date a man?

I feel that this question comes from a shallow mind that wasn’t bothered to think. Someone who has probably never dated a woman. Someone who thinks looking like a man equals being a man or wanting to be a man. Which we all know isn’t true. This is the same line of thought as ‘all tomboys are studs’. Basically, sexual orientation and gender expression go hand in hand. Which is also not true. I’m sure we can name some straight Andros.

Back to the masculine presenting women. It’s not only the heteros that are plagued by these thoughts. In our queer community, it is taboo for two male presenting women to be together. Some people seem to think that is a little bit too gay. The irony.

This goes to show how caught up we are in how people look. And even though it’s none of our business, we still feel the need to raise eye-brows and ask questions even when we don’t have any right to. Any sort of non-conformity scares the hell out of us. It’s not what we are used to, so it must be wrong.

Below that thread, people went on to say how if they were to be with a woman, they wouldn’t want someone that looks like mandem. In lieu of that, they would go for someone who uses shea butter, has large pillowy breasts and a fat, fat ass. Which could imply that MPW don’t have that? LOOOOL.

Moral of the story: being masculine presenting does not equal being a man. Behind the ‘male’ clothes, are supple breasts, a beautiful, beautiful vagina that no man has. And for me, that is an unparalleled appeal. Why not date a man? BECAUSE A MAN DOESN’T HAVE A VAGINA DUMMY. AND BECAUSE LOOKING LIKE A MAN DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN THAT THAT IS A MAN.

Which is not to say that I only love women because they have vaginas. No, they also have breasts, beautiful asses, brilliant minds that I can get lost in and they simply are the most beautiful creatures God ever created.

Some of them wear clothes and behave in ways that society has filed under ‘male’. So what?


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