LGBT Content Is Not Evil, Ezekiel

A guest post.

“These people should be burnt.”
“We should stone them.”
These are just some of the utterances I have seen following social media posts following any kind of LGBTQ+ content in Kenya.
I will not go ahead and try to talk to these people and tell them to look at the people in the community as people. They have eyes, don’t they. So they should be able to see and tell that we are people and not something to release their rage on.
This past Monday, our country prefect, Ezekiel Mutua banned a Disney show called Andi Mack. Those who have no clue what this show is about, take a sit and listen. It is a coming of age show. We have several of those on television, right? The ‘problem’ with this one is that there is a gay teen in it.
This is what I don’t understand, straight people can be shown how to navigate life when they have feelings for each other. This is shown in TV shows for general audiences (G). So they do not have a problem with approaching that girl or boy and show their affection.
People on the LGBT spectrum though, we have problems. These stories do nothing for us. They most definitely don’t teach us anything. This makes us feel like the feelings we have are not meant to be shown to anyone. This is why most of the people in the community (at least those who did not know they were gay since age 4) have self-esteem issues.
They don’t want to be friends with that boy or girl because they are afraid their ‘gay’ will show. They are lost in the age where everyone is getting in touch with their feelings and hormones. A plus is we are not that shabby when it comes to education because we have our noses almost always on books.
I am looking at it this way. There is a 12-year-old boy who has always been fond of a boy in his class. He doesn’t know that he like likes him so he thinks it is just a friendship. When the rest of the boys in class are talking about Gal Gadot or Zendaya his brain draws blanks. He doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about.
I would write about the boys that are crossing his mind but my brain is currently drawing blanks. Liam Hemsworth? Yeah, we’ll go with Liam Hemsworth. At that time all he can see is Liam Hemsworth and he feels so honoured to be able to walk on the same earth as him. He knows this man is a masterpiece. He want to touch a hair on his head. He does not know why though. He thinks other boys think like this sometimes, so he hasn’t yet known that he is alone in this.
In my 25 years on earth, I am yet to hear a man complement another man and not say ‘no homo’. This obliviousness creates barrier of sorts between this young man and his friends and he is not really sure why…again. This is where Andi Mack would have helped. As the rest of the class comes of age, he comes of age with them too.
When they are going through that awkward phase of not knowing what to say to people they fancy, he will be there with them. Of course with some caution lest someone rats him out and make him supress his feelings for another 15 or so years. Yeah, some people just fall out of the closet on their face and hit the ground so hard there is no coming back.
Andi Mack would have shown the other people that people do not become gay, they just are. They are the same people you played with when they were little and this ‘new development’ should not be something that changes how you see them.
I was so furious with the news because during our time we did not have such. This was a chance for the young people in the community to see this and figure themselves out before it is late. This I can honestly say is selfish of them.
The reason was that it does not abide by our culture as Kenyans. What culture do we have left. Show it to me. ‘Allies’ of the community suggested that people stream the show online. Well, this is a problem because unless you have started figuring things out, this is not a show you are going to be in the search for. And seeing that it is on the Disney channel, it is targeted to young people who are still in the oblivious phase. So…yeah…that will not work.
I don’t know how we can remedy this situation but we need a quick solution. Hiding behind religion and culture just doesn’t cut it. Before the whites came to brainwash us, we loved whoever we wanted. The bible verses they keep throwing around have been translated so many times that they have lost their original meaning.
I just don’t know what to do. Do you?

Recommended for girls who are starting to figure things out.
The L Word – Don’t watch season 6
Lost Girl – We are rooting for Doccubus (The Doc and the succubus)
Transparent – Quite heavy with issues on LGBT issues, feminism and other things.
I can’t think straight
Imagine me and you
But I am a cheerleader
Below her mouth

Lsb the Series

Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford
An Emergence of Green by Katherine V Forrest.

The writer chooses to remain anonymous. But I am so thrilled that we finally have another guest post. I added to the list of recommendations.


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