Let’s Talk About Sex And Other Things

Let’s just get this out of the way. Our queer mamas (I don’t know how they’ll take to this name) over at Hola Africa have been having some great conversations about women having sex with women all week. Today they are talking about consent.

Yesterday, they were talking about safe sex.


So, let me ask. What protection do you use when you are getting down with your lover? Aside from washing your hands and putting on condoms on the straps, I have never been strapped so I am assuming this is something that you do, what protection are y’all using when it’s playtime?

Article 27 Artist Talk E-Invite_07.11.2017 (1)

I met some of you! At the 27 exhibit and it was amazing. There I was, a queer person, surrounded by queer art and fellow queers. My heart was just bubbling. Inner me was pirouetting and twirling and doing splits. I am not certain I can do justice to that scene. There we were, plastic cups in hand, huddled in groups of two or three or more, walking from art to art. Just standing, talking, smiling. Outside, the rest of Nairobi went about their lives. Inside, we were queer, we were free and we were happy. I am going again tomorrow, even though my bestie has bailed on me. And I am so scared of going to such a function by myself but getting to meet some of you is all the motivation I require. Plus, I need to stop using my bestie as a social crutch.

So, if you see a girl, huddled in the corner, staring intensely at her phone, come by and say hi.

Can we talk about Australia? They voted overwhelmingly in favour of same sex marriage. Reading the news had me beaming in a crowded bus on my way to work. Dampening the happiness is the fact that for us, we are a very long way from such a momentous event. As many of you have rightly pointed out, it will not happen in this generation. I still think it will happen. I hope that my descendants will be able to love freely in Kenya. Meanwhile, we will continue to live as queer humans. We will continue to take up the space we rightfully deserve. We will continue to champion equality and acceptance.

Which brings me to the next thing. Our warriors over at the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission(NGLHRC) aside from hosting the 27 Exhibition, will be hosting the Annual Upinde Awards in December. The awards aim to celebrate the individuals, organizations and institutions that are promoting and campaigning for equality and acceptance of the LGBTIQ+GNC community. There are numerous awards that you can nominate people or yourself for. All the deets are here.

Back to sex. Being a baby dyke is wonderful. Nutmeg doesn’t think that I am still a baby dyke but I still feel that I am. I don’t know at what point the title falls off and I graduate to the next level. What’s the next level even? How will I know when I get there? Will two fairy gay mothers, hopefully Rose and Rosie, appear from thin air and tell me that I have successfully completed the baby dyke stage and can now move on to the teen dyke stage which is then followed by the seasoned dyke stage? Will we have the gayest bash of all time to commemorate this remarkable event. I digress. Being a baby dyke is wonderful because there is so much that I am still discovering, even in terms of sex, and signals and just being gay in general. Like scissoring is a lot of work. And there is supposedly a difference between scissoring and tribbing. Which I want to put to test.And there is a category of porn called yanking, which I am yet to discover because suddenly I have all this work to do. The point is, there is a whole sexy world out there, maybe even an entire universe, and I am just on the first planet or dimension. There is so much ahead of me and I am beyond excited to TRY IT ALL.

I am even considering eating ass.


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