New Year, Same Old Queers


What a year 2017 was, yeah? I wanted to tackle it with a blog post but then decided to make it a podcast or rather 13 minutes of me going on and on and on. But my voice is nice to listen to, if that’s any consolation. I gushed, I confessed, I embarrassed someone and I almost didn’t upload it, but here it is. You can start listening while you continue to read this blog post. Go get snacks even. Get comfortable.

First of all, congratulations for surviving the holidays with family. Congratulations to me at least. Fending off the ‘when will we see your boyfriend’ questions is no easy task. I have come so close to blurting out my queerness, it’s a miracle I haven’t yet. Even on the 31st, when my mom called to check up on me, an aunt asked to speak to me. I thought she wanted to wish me a great year ahead, or ask me something about social media or the usual things that aunts ask. No. She reminded me that we still have to meet so she can convince me to consider getting married (to a man). She went on about beauty being wasted and god knows what. I tuned her out. Needless to say, I am a bit happy that the holidays are over.

So, 2018.  I have wished you a lot of things in the podcast that I hope come true, I have said a lot about what you should expect to see here this year.

Just to point out a few things. If you are into astrology, autostraddle have Corina, whose readings you might like.

I will be sharing queer events that I hear of or organize on my twitter and Instagram so if you haven’t followed me, you know what to do.

If you’d like to guest post here or be a part of the podcast, email me at or tell me on any of my social media.

If you’d like to talk to a stranger, you can also email me. I do not judge and sometimes I have witty replies.

Here is to an amazing year my queeps.


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