My Favourite Queer Things 2

I really do like a lot of things. One of the privileges of having a blog is that you can gently force the things you like on people. Many moons ago, I shared some of the blogs, people, youtube things that I was enjoying at the time. Since, I have dropped some and picked up others, while some have remained. Hopefully, this will be a monthly thing so I can regularly share my faves. In the hope that you will find something that you will also like.

I am not tweeting as much as I would like, because work. In the scant minutes I find myself online, I enjoy:

My boo finally started a blog and I highly recommend it. Mostly because he is my boo and I really like him as a human being. But moooostly because he is a brilliant writer and offers a refreshing perspective not only on being a gay male in Kenya but also on being queer. Plus, he is funny.

I have consumed so much queer content on YouTube, even YouTube is looking at me with a slightly raised brow.

TIERS Nigeria, produce great African Queer content. There is an ongoing (I think) series, Everything In Between, which I stopped watching. By no fault of theirs, I just thought it would break my heart and I was barely hanging on at the point. You might like it. I also enjoy their Untold Facts conversations. I haven’t watched all of them but the ones I have watched, I did like.

I looove QUEER Britain, a documentary series for the BBC by Riyadh. I actually need to finish watching it.

And the best thing on YouTube if you ask me is:

There are also some web series that I have been watching that you may or may not enjoy.

My favourite queer person at the moment, myself. 🙂
Hehe. That’s all from me. I am currently running a survey for queers in Kenya. If you haven’t already, I’d appreciate it if you would fill this in.

Also, I am thinking of doing video content on my Instagram through Instagram Live. Let me know if you’d be interested in that. And your current queer faves.


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