Twenty Kenyan Baby Dyke Worries

Do you ever stop being a baby dyke? I am finding that every day, there is something new to learn about the queermunity, about being queer, about being a lesbian, about women, about everything really. At times, I am very much the deer in the headlights. Not quite sure what to say, how to navigate boobs, why she is not making a sound and a million other worries listed below.

They are quite many these worries. But I shall try to narrow them down to twenty.

  1. Am I doing it right?
  2. Can other lesbians know or tell that I am a lesbian?
  3. Am I being gay enough?
  4. Am I being too gay?
  5. What if I never find a woman who I like who will like me back?
  6. Do other lesbians that are not my exes or friends of my exes or exes of my exes exist?
  7. Is there a secret lesbian location that I don’t know about?
  8. Will I like having a strap inside me?
  9. What will I do if I fall for a touch me not?
  10. Should I switch up my style to increase my visibility?
  11. Am I doing Tinder wrong?
  12. Will there ever be a Grindr for girls here?
  13. Will Kenya ever decriminalize ‘carnal acts against the order of nature’
  14. Do I always have to fall in love in 3 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes?
  15. What would happen if I was to take it slow?
  16. Do I always have to DIY dental dams?
  17. Will I ever voice out my fantasies?
  18. Will I ever meet someone who excites me as much as Young MA?
  19. Will I ever kiss my girlfriend goodbye in public?
  20. Has anyone ever faked it with me?




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  1. What’s a “touch me not”?


    1. A touch me not, according to what I have learnt, is a person who derives pleasure from giving or performing sexual acts as opposed to being on the receiving end. Like they don’t want to be touched.


  2. A says:

    Just gonna invade your comment section. Hope you don’t mind.

    1. Proverbial life question. (Who is?)

    2.3.4 It’s a real struggle!

    5. YOU WILL. She will find you! Perhaps emerging from the super secret location.

    10. Being yourself (in every capacity) should always be enough.
    Do you!**easier said than done**

    14. I admire your ability to fall so fast. I suffer from the opposite affliction. My heart is often reckless and irresponsible so I stay clear of the “falling”.
    Wouldn’t say I’m any better off. (My 5 bob opinion anyway) 😊

    15. Insert all good things take time clichés. I would imagine taking things slow would mean someone discovering you. Not just caught up in the excitement of the falling and infatuation. Someone who wants to savor you/vice versa. Completeness in intimacy/love is no rush job.

    17. Person. Place. Time. Alignment of all three.

    18. Had to search Young MA up. (Reserve judgement please)
    That’s a lot to live up to 😊
    Gonna be optimistic and say YES.

    20. Heh. That’s a question. **Deep sigh**


    1. I am laughing in the office. Laughing out loud. That’s what your comment did. Feel free to invade my comments whenever. That sounds… Anyway..I was tempted not to reply because WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHO YOUNG MA IS? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Let me take some deep breaths. Receive all my judgement, ALL OF IT. You seem to know what you are saying and you make good points so I will take your word for it. How did you decide that your heart is reckless. Does your heart know you feel that way?


  3. A says:

    Invade I will.. I guess.. 😊
    I’m glad that you got a laugh out of the comment.
    And the judgment has been received, ALL. OF. IT. Where have I been? Clearly not in the right places…

    I hope by the time you read this you’ll have recovered from the shock/surprise.. Probably need to babystep my way into Young MA territory. Show me the ropes maybe?

    Not a decision, maybe more of a personal observation. Just haven’t been making the best choices. Not investing enough, the running away.
    I could go on.

    “Tempted not to reply.”
    Hoping that’s a foreign occurrence

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Show you the ropes maybe? Is it weird that I don’t want to share her. It probably is but oh well. Hehe..just kidding. You might not even like her music. I will show you..just to see what you end up thinking of it. You could go on? Wow…how troubled are you? How many flaws do you carry? I hope that doesn’t come off as judgemental..because zero judgement here. Tell me everything. I like to hear people’s relationship problems so I can weigh them against mine and see if I win. Though what exactly I am winning, I don’t know.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. A says:

    Lol at the use of the word “troubled”. Flawed but work in progress. I’m more conscious of the things I need to work on, probably do a lot of self-reflection which leads to overthinking. (Something I suspect might be a mutual feeling)

    Anyway relationship problems are such a rumor, I’m the CEO of Singleville and also a major shareholder at Situationship Co. I guess my biggest thing is commitment+person+place.

    Well I think I’ve pretty much dececribed myself as a slightly neurotic, commitment-phobe with a SHIT-TONNE of flaws. Here’s the thing apart from all of that that I’m darn near PERFECT!
    (If you don’t rate yourself, who will?) 😊

    Just read your latest post, won’t even lie I lost my sh$t at your unintended/intended shoutout at my comment.

    I’m starting to feel sorry for the people who may have asked to be notified when a new comment comes in.
    I’m out here writing out full paragraphs.. We need to move the conversation elsewhere.

    Email for your blog?
    (Question: Is it really sliding if I’m asking for an email address?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excuse me ‘Darn Near Perfect’ person, you made a few typos. But as I am feeling generous, I will let them pass. For the sake of said people who must be quite entertained with our thread, I’ll keep this short. But I think they must be invested by this point. Lol. I am surprised you don’t know the email and yet I keep mentioning it in posts. More Judgement A. And yes, it’s still sliding. Slide awaaaayy.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. A says:

    Heh, you’re tough on my typos. Thanks for being forgiving.

    I think you’ve made the assumption that I’ve read quite a few of your posts. **insert nervous laughter**
    I should probably start digging through your archives, catch up and find this email. (Just to show you that I’m committed)

    Measured judgment would be appreciated.

    Major takeaway: I best come correct with my grammar and spelling.

    Until next time 😊

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  6. leeparamore says:

    @A.. You just made me question your authenticity.. Who doesn’t know young MA .. Not judging or anything ..but she like every girls dream straight chiqs all want a young MA in their lives.. Gay chiqs well I can’t speak for them but I have totally had thoughts about her.. Ooh I baby dyke..i also wonder about their secret location.. And I fall in love after 2days 2hrs to be exact.. I feel your pain 😂😂


  7. cleniece says:

    Anyone found the answer to number 14?😩


    1. Not me! If you do, share!!


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