Valentine’s Day: One Day, Three People

There was nothing to be excited about. Valentine’s Day was a hallmark Calendar, a capitalist creation that was meant to swindle you of your money. And over what? Cheap flowers and cotton stuffed bears? Dennis was way above that. Previous experience had proved that it wasn’t his lucky day. Three years ago, his then boyfriend had coerced him into threesome then promptly proceeded to leave him out of the whole thing. What had been sold to him as an exciting experience that would take their relationship to the next level turned out to be an embarrassing and humiliating experience that, try as he might, he couldn’t forget. Then there was the boyfriend that broke up with him mid-thrust. Dennis was poised above him, buttocks clenched, thrusting with all he had, when Boyfriend 2 said no. Alarmed that consent was being retracted, Dennis stopped immediately. Boyfriend 2 explained that he wasn’t saying no to the coitus but to the entire relationship. To this day, Dennis hadn’t forgiven him. He had been so close. Couldn’t he have waited. After him was the guy who got too drunk off cocktails and …well the less said of that, the better. The fact was, Valentine’s Day wasn’t made for him. Hoping for a different outcome would only lead to disappointment. Dennis knew better than that. After work, he would chill at home, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns and sipping wine from a paper cup.



Esther couldn’t stay still. Partly because the corset was digging into her ribs and partly from the butterflies careening through her stomach. She tried to rub away the pain from the corset and adjust it surreptitiously. Sitting across her in the dimly lit corner of the restaurant, M looked good enough to eat. It sounded like a cliché but it was all Esther could think of. In a pink striped shirt, whose upper buttons were opened to reveal caramel expanse of skin with collarbones peaking at the crest, and dark navy pants that clung to her hips, M looked nothing short of delectable. Her coat was slung at the back of her chair. She was leaning forward, smiling slyly, staring intently at Esther. Esther squirmed. She thought about trailing the caramel with her tongue, and helping M out of her tight pants. Clearing her throat and shaking her head, she tried desperately to think of anything else. As though she could read her mind, M leaned back and said:


‘Shall we head home?’


Grabbing the flowers M had presented to her earlier, Esther smiled to herself thinking that as far as Valentine’s went, this wasn’t a bad one.



The wine was tasteless but she drank it anyway. She didn’t give it time to rest in her mouth, she didn’t swirl it around, she simply swallowed and hurriedly sipped from the bottle. It wasn’t working. Every sip made her think more and more of the ex. Who she didn’t want to name, even in her thoughts. They had plans. They had already booked a getaway out of town, to some obscure place in Kajiado. Somewhere where they could have a bath under the sun, enjoying the view of the undulating plains in the horizon. Somewhere where they could eat exotic fruits and have lots and lots of sex. They had laughed about how much wine they would consume during the getaway. How they would pour wine on…

Choking, Adhis placed the bottle down and reached for her handkerchief. She wasn’t going to cry again. She would get up, get dressed and head out to Temple. Drying her tears, she tried to think of something to wear. Something slutty yet comfortable. Something that would allow her to dance with whomever she saw fit. It didn’t matter that tomorrow was a work day and she would need to be at work early. All that mattered, all that Adhis needed was for someone to look at her as though she mattered. She wanted to be wanted, if only for one night.


Getting up, she made up her mind. She wasn’t going to sleep alone tonight.


I was toying around with the idea of how Valentine’s Day would be for three different people. I hope you enjoy the story and that you’ll have a beautiful day, whatever your plans might be.

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