I don’t know if I’m gay.

Sexual orientation is a terribly personal truth. I do not deserve an award for knowing and for living my truth. In some cases, maybe most cases, it is a difficult truth to accept. One that usually means, especially in our country, putting yourself in a crossfire. I wrote something for Clarie’s blog. Check it out and don’t forget to follow her too.

Clarie's Ramblings.

You know when you are stuck in traffic and you look at the window and the women in the matatu beside yours just arrests you with her beauty? You feel this knot in your intestines, you smile it off. The matatu starts moving and the knowledge that you’ll never see her again makes you uneasy.

Why though? What is it about her beauty that makes you sad? And what was that knot in your stomach.

You know when you are playing a drinking game and you’re dared to kiss a girl? You opt out of the dare and take a shot instead. But in the fog of the smoke and dimness of the night you steal a glance at her, wondering how her lips would have tasted? Okay, so it would taste like spirits and cigarettes and happiness maybe?

Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t.

Here to talk about it…

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