XOXO, GIGI |A Short Story

I try to write when I can so here is a piece I hope humans here will enjoy. My name is BKM (no cool nick name, just joined my first and middle name to make the “BK”.. Sounds coolish! The M-my last name). I am a queer human rights activist from Botswana with a passion for making a mess where a clean up by socialisation has been. Messiness means work is being done!

It’s a little difficult to meet people when everywhere you go people still refer to you by your ex-girlfriend’s name or they talk about the first time they met both of you at that one party and how cute we looked and so in love; but these are just a reminder of a love lost and the sad reality of being single. With all the miseries of dating and being picky, I have been trying to get back into the dating game after 6 years of being in a relationship. It’s hard when for so many years; not a lot of effort was put into starting conversations, books to read and share, where to go on a Friday night, dates etcetera. I had gotten used to the routine and it did not bore me at all, it was my life for a very long time.

It’s been 7 months since Tema and I broke up, we are over the angry and bitter phase and behaving more like adults now. Once in a while we do the whole “how are you doing?” WhatsApp message which is met by a short response of “all good” with a half- hearted smiley face emoji. I guess the random texts are a way to show that we may not be together but we care about each other and that we do think about one another from time to time. We may have had varying values as we grew older together but we made a promise to each other that we will always look out for each other no matter what.

My friends have been begging me to stop burying myself in work and hangout. So I decided to make Friday 15th April my coming out day, to try harder than I have been and actually meet new people and try new things. The WhatsApp group chat has been abuzz with a count-down since I agreed to trade in my saggy pyjamas for my signature all black outfit complete with a pair of Nike sneakers and an odd neck piece from those airport shops I love so much. I feel ready for a night in town with the girls. On the day, the group chat was overly active with debaucherous memes and voice notes which made me doubt their productivity at work. I know I wasn’t productive, mainly because I was over thinking things and just couldn’t wait for 1300hrs to strike so I knock off. At exactly 1300hrs I pulled out of the office and headed to the bottle store for a bottle of wine to calm the nerves and wait for everyone else to knock off. I send them a picture of my glass of wine once I’ve chilled the bottle and they go bonkers! With noises from wherever they were with countless voice notes. I needed to make one thing clear to them though, that we will not talk about my failed relationship; and they all sent photos of their pinkies swearing to adhere to this mini request.

As the sun sets and the city lights collide with the dim of the horizon, the drive to Main Deck seems to take forever. The knots in my stomach tighten with every passing second and my head won’t stop replaying the same sentence over and over; “Please don’t let me bump into Tema, not today. Please!” I begged. Gaborone is pretty small and she is a party person, a night in is not an option. Part of my anxiety is also just being around people after so long. I’ve had the girls over individually a few times over the past couple of months and all they wanted was for me to get out from under the rock I’d been living under and live a little. So I took their advice. I’ve been constantly reminding myself to breathe, that I will be okay, that I have nothing to lose and that under those pyjamas is a beautiful soul waiting to be unleashed. I take one final deep breathe and step out the car. I whisper to myself, “have fun tonight, you have nothing to lose.”

I spot Kaone at the corner of the deck as she waves frantically. Ms. Punctual has already ordered the first round of shots that await the rest of us and are placed neatly in the middle of our table like a divine centre piece at a wedding. I give her a brief, uninspired smile and quickly find my way through the maze of waiters and waitresses. She stood up and launched herself on my curled up demeanor. She is as jolly as ever and I can’t help but let loose, an effect she has on many. Before I could even order my drink from the waitress who seems to have followed me once she saw me walk towards the corner table, Kaone has started with her million and one questions about my hibernation and all I can do is sigh and smile apologetically to the waitress. I ask for a Jamaican Mule and she nods politely and excuses herself as fast as I dive in for the shooter tray. Kaone cheers me on and that encourages another Olympic dive for the tequila. The waitress comes back with my drink and the first sip feels so orgasmic, but this is interrupted by Nthabi’s squeal in the distance which you can recognise anywhere in the world. I almost choke on the little heaven left in my mouth and await more madness of conglomerated interrogation. She hurries through the restaurant and plants kisses on both Kaone and I’s cheeks and before her ass even touches the chair she has already downed a shot. She gives a quick update on the traffic getting here before raising her hand to our waitress like a 5th grader trying to get the teachers attention in Life Orientation class. Meanwhile, we are forced to listen to her work stories for a little before she starts jabbing at us with her elbows to check out a crew of women that just walked in and sat at the table opposite us. Nthabi is always the first to spot potential “drool pools” as she calls them- beautiful women none of us have a chance of getting with.

Rachel is the only one missing; she messaged earlier about taking her son to his father for the weekend. They are raising a child together but the hate that exists between them could potentially lead to another world war. Pako’s ego has been bruised for years now since Rachel cut his sorry ass for his infidelity. Rachel finally walks in with her beau Tshepi, the duo walks in hand in hand in matching outfits- black boyfriend jeans, brown tank tops and jackets and Timberlands. You would swear they are twins with the matching outfits, height and the same mannerisms. They both give us hugs, still joined to each other by their fingers and place themselves on the seat opposite us. Rachel tells me how good I look outside my house and her better half agrees to her statement and I shyly thank them. They finally find the courage to let go of each other as we toast to the night ahead with the remaining centre pieces. Another round of drinks arrives and the conversations about work, love, sex, politics and friendship and roars of laughter fill the night’s darkened skies and the stars shimmer in agreement with the light heartedness. In the midst of all this I begin to feel like my old self again, I’ve missed this side of me.

Hours go by and it feels like it’s just the beginning of the night. We shared a pizza and food platter and it feels like the alcohol has been replaced by the starch and fat from the food so we call another round. We’ve even lost count of how many cocktails we’ve carelessly consumed and are engrossed in Nthabi’s tales about her self-appointment as an FBI agent- Fierce Booty Inspector, mid conversation she stops and pulls out her flirty smize as she looks over Tshepi’s shoulder. Our attention diverts to where her gaze is and we wait for her or the woman standing to say something. It takes a few seconds for Tshepi to realise who she is but I guess her brain quickly clears off the alcohol and she stands up to give her a hug. We all look at Nthabi to figure out what her next move is but we all know she is all talk and no action. Tshepi turns back to the table and introduces Rachel to the tall, curvy and dreadlocked woman standing next to her.

“Baby, this is Gape. I told you about her a while ago? The new HR manager.” Tshepi says as she helps Rachel stand up to shake Gape’s hand. Nthabi stands up enthusiastically to introduce herself and the only thing that comes from her big mouth is a high pitched “Hi!” with no follow throw from the self- proclaimed FBI agent. Kaone and I opt to shake her hand from our seats. Her arm was long and toned and she had the softest hands with perfectly manicured finger nails. Her dark skin went well with her beady eyes, thick lips and dark curly dreadlocks. I had not seen such a beautiful woman in a long time, not that I had been looking but just seeing a woman and feeling like I could talk to her; but I also knew that I did not have the energy to do so with where I was in life and the time I’ve been out of the game. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Also Nthabi was keener than I was on Gape so I wanted her to flourish.

Gape did a brief overview about her recent move to Gaborone and how she was out catching up with old friends from varsity but they are all married now and have curfews. Her voice sounds melodic and I can’t help but be drawn in as she speaks. She speaks well and doesn’t have a particular accent and her switch from English to Setswana just makes me want her to talk all night. Am tempted to ask her to join us but I get a feeling Tshepi might be uncomfortable with her colleague hanging out with us. My considerate thoughts are interrupted by Nthabi’s gesturing for her to join us as Kaone and I are scooted to make way for Gape. Tshepi insists that our side is a little crammed so her and Rachel make space for her on their side of the table and Nthabi is not impressed with the arrangement. Tshepi and Gape talk shop for a few minutes before realising how uninteresting the conversation is to the rest of us and they quickly shift to small talk about Gaborone and we all jump in to recommend places to eat, where to go, where not to go and basically initiate her by ordering her two tequila shots. She downs them like a pro, a very attractive sight. I get shy at my countless inner compliments towards her and try as much as possible to avoid eye contact.

2345hrs and the waitress lets us know that the bar is about to close so we ask for one more round and start discussing what the next move is. We realise how stupid of us it was to just think of the evening plan and not have anything for the rest of the night despite having spoken about a lala-vuka. Rachel and Tshepi invite all of us to their place to continue the festivities. Gape asks what mission we are on and my friends are fighting to tell the story, with all the exaggeration in the world. She keeps looking at me to check if am in agreement with all these versions and all I do is shrug because I know better than to try and dish out the facts. She giggles as she starts poking fun at me with all the ammunition she’s been handed and I can’t help but laugh at the inaccuracies.

We head out and divide ourselves into the cars, the couple obviously rides together, Kaone and Nthabi think they are slick and decide to ride in Nthabi’s car while Nthabi nods at me to let Gape know she is with me. It seems Ms. FBI has decided to back off a little and as Gape and I walk to the car, she comes running behind us and whispers to me, “I saw how you looked at her. Thank me later.” I chuckle and unlocked the car. I start the car and the Muffins CD I had been playing for months blasts through the speakers. Gape looks at me bobbing her head in acknowledgement of my choice of music.

The ride to Rachel and Tshepi’s house was short seeing as Gape and I had plenty to talk about, it felt like we had met in another life time. We spoke about her name, her last job, music, the alcohol that has helped the both of us converse so easily. She told me that I ask a lot of questions and how am quick to answer hers, something she said she didn’t expect from how shy I had been all night. I giggled and told her that some of that came from the minute truths in what my friends had told her. She laughs and for a moment my heart skips a beat when the moonlight hits the corner of her eye; showing them off. They complement her imperfect teeth arranged carefully in her mouth. Her lips naturally lined with a hint of dark liner and pinkish colour. I can hear my heart beating in my ears but the sound is interrupted by a knock on my car window. Kaone had opened the gate and we didn’t even hear it. Rachel is in the kitchen already fixing us drinks while Tshepi fiddles with the music player, Nthabi and Kaone have plumped themselves on the three-seater sofa, Gape and I take the tiny two-seater. It feels awkward being this close to a woman. She however wastes no time getting comfortable with an occasional lean when she laughs or a thigh tap and grip as she tells us hilarious stories about herself. Am attracted to the way she laughs so loudly and unapologetically, there is something authentic in all of it.

Our trusted bartender is making sure her clients do not wait for too long for a refill and this excites us. At around 0230hrs, we are still going strong; our shoes are off and I have gotten a bit more comfortable with Gape such that her legs are set on my lap as she leans against the arm rest of the sofa. Her jeans cling onto her thick thighs and the V shape at the top her thighs looks inviting. Her tummy is slightly visible under her green long sleeved top and her breasts look perfectly packed in her 40DD brassiere. Her untied dreadlocks hang loosely over the arm rest. I’ve been making sure that as I look at her contours all night I do it discreetly to avoid coming off too strong. My body however betrays me, a couple of times I found myself adjusting her legs to come closer to my waist, caressing her legs and those deep sighs I’ve been told I only release when am horny. I guess Gape has picked up on this as she becomes flirtatious and is motivated by a cheerleading squad. I play hard to get even though I know all I am thinking of is laying her down to undo her jeans and rip off her top and learn every inch of her. I bite my bottom lip at this thought and as I come back from this sexual trance, I find her staring at me with her drink by her lips and letting it caress her bottom lip. I quickly ask to be excused and rush to the loo. I sit there trying to pee, it feels like a punishment. I finally manage to get a long piss out and I moan as though I just climaxed. I bury my head in my hands and take in the discomfort. Am reminded of how long I’ve been without any action, not even a little DIY. As I wipe my pee I feel the slippery flow in my vagina and chuckle at how horny I am. I wash my hands and look at myself in the mirror while I fix my hair and slap myself to reality. “I know it’s been a while but if you do get lucky tonight, BE COOL!”

I walk out as if I had a normal pee trip and the lounge is still abuzz with conversations and laughter. Gape lifts her legs and waits for me to get back in position and once am seated, her legs land on my lap. The conversation quickly shifts from whatever it was to Kaone giving me a run- down on Gape’s sexual history. Am shocked at how my short departure has unearthed her love for dominance in bed, how she is a moaner and how she has been checking my hands out all night. I tell them how fucked up their lack of etiquette is and throw a cushion at Kaone for being the ring leader. Am obviously elated to hear all this and I can’t help but imagine all kinds of things I could do with this information and I begin creaming my knickers once again. “Ya’ll should just make out right now and put each other out of your misery.” Nthabi shouts from the kitchen. Gape raises her eyebrow daring me to either seize the opportunity or flake out as I’ve been doing all night. I slowly move my hand towards her waist and she gets her back off the sofa to meet me half way, our lips collide and I taste the vodka off her mouth. Her lined lips are as soft as I had imagined and her perfume intoxicates me and I prepare for some serious tongue invasion. I can feel her body getting warmer and slight movements of her waist and I know we both might have to hang up our knickers after this. After a few minutes of raunchiness, we both pull away in a daze and the room is dead quiet, someone starts clapping and the rest of the room bursts out in cheer, my cheeks start to get warm and I fear them reaching boiling point so I take a long sip of my drink and Gape does the same.

At this point Gape and I’s sexual tension is undeniable and we had subtly been hinting to each other that maybe it’s time to take the party elsewhere. We walk out of the house, pinkies intertwined, she whispers with that undetectable accent, “you are coming over to my place right?” I smile and nod. The drive to her house is very eventful, her hand slides inside my knickers. The release of a heavy breath tells me she is happy she found the fountain. I hit the brakes involuntarily and just want to let her fingers have a proper meet and greet with my clit. She bites her lower lip and drives me into a rage of squirming movements. We finally get to her place and start stripping each other from the front door, through the lounge where we pause for a little while and make out like teenagers at prom night. She places me against the wall with her knee parting my legs and launches her thigh between mine, all this while without getting her tongue out of my mouth or slowing down.  We finally make our way into the bedroom where she wastes no time jumping on the bed. I take a good look at her DD chest and cup each boob in each hand, their weight is as I had imaged all night. Her nipples are hard and longing to be devoured. I do not deny them this calling and swirl my tongue around them before engulfing them with my mouth. Her breath is heavy and her back has arched in pursuit of pleasure. Her dark skin smells of berries and her perfume compliments this deliciousness. I run my hand down the side of her torso and pause by her lacey thong and use my index finger to lower it, she wastes no time and offers unsolicited assistance and in no time the black lace is lifeless on the cold bedroom floor. Once the lace is off, her legs part and the scent of her womanhood fills the little space between her gorgeously plump pussy and my face. I thank the Universe for the blessings before licking my lips in preparation for a decadent muff dive; her core tastes rich and her coarse pubes make for a perfect garnish. My tongue feels at home in the folds of her petals, the rhythm we’ve mastered make both our souls dance outside our bodies. My own pussy has melted onto her sheets as we near the cross roads, her fists full of wrinkled linen, her toes curled, her jugular throbbing to the beat of her clitoris, her hair scattered on the pillows and her hips thrusting carelessly. Her moans have become louder than when we began, with an occasional “oh fuck!” and an “aahhhh!” as she shuts her eyes firmly to take in all the sensations in her body; her fountain is nearing the brim but we decide to slow it down a little. The thrusts become less vigorous, my tongue moves to her thighs, her clit tries to relax and as she takes a breather, I let my tongue back into her petals and resume eating her up; and she thrusts a little more. She digs her fingers into the back of my head as I further my tongue inside her in circles and she finally lets it all out, she screams and am turned on by this sound and erupt on her bed-sheets while I slide my own hand between my legs to soothe myself. Gape finally opens her eyes and her pearly white teeth emerge as she smiles and winks at me. I wink back and take it as a sign for a job well done. I crawl up to her face and plant a long kiss on her lips and she literally snorts my face to take in her own scent. Our naked bodies fall simultaneously onto the bed and I spoon her, we drift into a peaceful slumber, our vaginas still wet and wanting to continue; but we put it off for another time.

I wake up with the sun rays in my face and in the same position I slept in. I open one eye and realise I am alone in a strange bed. I open my other eye to inspect the room for her traces but all I can spot is her lace thong on the floor and my clothes neatly hung on a chair by the bed. I smile at the fact that I got laid last night and how she took care of my clothes while I slept. I stretch my aching body and wait for sounds in the house to establish where Gape might be. I hear nothing, so I get out of bed and pull a towel I saw hanging loosely on the closet door and wrap myself in it. I tread as quietly as possible to peep in the bathroom to try find her but I only spot myself in the bathroom mirror. I turn around and go to the bed side to check the time on my watch and see a note placed next to it which reads,


I hope you had as much fun as I did last night. Am out for breakfast with my husband.

My sister is coming back to her place this afternoon, please make sure you are out of there

before she finds you in her bed. I don’t know how you’d explain that!




I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did. I can’t wait to have BKM write for us again. 🙂

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