She was a beauty to behold. Even now, when her novelty was starting to wear off, she still managed to have an effect on me. She was on the bed, hands tied to the bedpost. Her thighs, which were tied too, were spread apart. My rope work was terrible. In the same way that I had never quite learned how to tie shoe laces and knots, I couldn’t seem to muster the ties. Still, she indulged me. I trailed my hand down her thigh, slowly inching towards her pussy. I wanted to tease her, but it wasn’t allowed. Seeing that her eyes were closed, I risked running my finger around her lips, taking them near but not inside her. She cursed and I knew I was in trouble. But her sharp intake and the wetness that now clung to my fingers let me know she had liked it.
‘Oh. We are feeling naughty today, huh?’
I smiled. ‘Aren’t we always.’
‘What are you waiting for?’
I was savouring the moment. I didn’t know when she would let me tie her up again. I wanted to remember everything. The way her boobs with the cutest nipples (she hated it when I said that) stood, seemingly asking for attention. The way the ring on her navel rose and fell slowly. The way her pussy glistened and the delicious sounds it made. It was a sight I wanted to commit to memory. However, I didn’t have much time.
I inched closer. She took a deep breath and subconsciously arched her back. I wanted to hold on to her thighs and dive in, but that too, wasn’t allowed. I positioned myself, supporting myself on the bed and sunk in. She breathed in harshly, trying not to moan. That was all the encouragement I needed.
Her taste was uniquely hers. I ran my tongue through her folds, lapping her up. I inched back and snuck it inside her. She moved up, still not making a sound. I took her in, pushing my tongue in and out of her. Her breath quickened. Not taking my tongue off her, I found her clit. She cursed. Smiling, I flicked my tongue around it. Alternating between licking, drumming and sucking, just the way she liked it.
Her body was betraying her. She was swaying, raising her pelvis, sighing. Anything but moaning. I kept at it. My chin was getting covered in her juices. Ever so slowly, I slipped a finger inside her. I paused, waiting for her to stop me. She didn’t. I twisted it around, coating it as best as I could. She gasped when I slipped it out. Gasped when I found my way to her ass. I stopped again, waiting to see if she would stop me.
“Please.” She rasped.
I pressed my tongue on her clit as my finger went inside her. I was thanked with a moan. Chuckling, I licked, drummed and sucked as my finger moved slowly in and out of her ass. She gasped. Egged on, I increased the pressure on my tongue and slowly increased my finger speed. She cried out and I nearly stopped to marvel at the sound. But she was too close. Thinking back to a previous conversation, I pulled out my last trick.
‘You are so fucking beautiful’. I whispered to her pussy. That did it. She bucked and cried out it took everything in me not to stop and watch her cum. Instead, I went on, intensifying her orgasm.
A few moments laughter, as I slowly lapped up her juices, she started chuckling.
‘What?’ I asked.
‘Untie me.’
Slowly, I stood up, not wanting this moment to be over. She sensed it.
‘I just want to show you how to tie a proper knot. And other things’.
That was all the encouragement I needed.


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