She was a beauty to behold. Even now, when her novelty was starting to wear off, she still managed to have an effect on me. She was on the bed, hands tied to the bedpost. Her thighs, which were tied too, were spread apart. My rope work was terrible. In the same way that I…

Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered

It was the most perfect imperfect day. Earlier on, we had failed miserably at trying to have shower sex. A card had been slipped under our door notifying us of an electric fault that was being repaired. It meant that if we wanted to shower, we would have to make do with a cold one….

XOXO, GIGI |A Short Story

I try to write when I can so here is a piece I hope humans here will enjoy. My name is BKM (no cool nick name, just joined my first and middle name to make the “BK”.. Sounds coolish! The M-my last name). I am a queer human rights activist from Botswana with a passion…

The Day They Legalized Gay Marriage In Kenya

I was on one of my usual Twitter breaks when I read it. The mundanity and monotony of work was grating. Frequent Twitter breaks helped assuage my boring mind, urging it to keep on working. I was scrolling through, as I usually did, half distracted, half attentive. I scrolled past it then scrolled back up….

A Meal

“You are not eating.” I observed as I downed a mouthful of things I couldn’t pronounce. It had been her idea to come to this place. I would have settled for a decent burger and some wine. And with the plans I had in mind, it would have been better if we were home. She…