Here, An Anthology

Submission Guidelines:

Eligibility: Open to Kenyans. Kenyan here means someone born in Kenya or someone who currently lives in Kenya. Creatives born in Kenya and have lived there, but are currently not living there can also submit.

Submission period: April 16th to 15th May

Submissions: Email your submission to , with subject line “Here Submission”.

Please include the name/pseudonym you would like to appear in the anthology. Kindly indicate if anonymity is preferred.

Publication: June 2018. The Anthology will be available for download online.

For every artist/writer, submissions can cut across themes but a maximum of 5 submissions is allowed. We allow simultaneous submissions and we shall consider previously published work if permission is granted by the original publisher.

Images of art (Drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, video and mixed media collage) must be submitted in .jpg form attached to an email. In the body of the email, kindly include size, medium, and a bio ((120 words or less). Additionally, include the genre that you would label your work under, where applicable.

For poetry, essays and fiction:

  1. Type in 12 point Times New Romans in a word document
  2. In the body of the email, include a short bio (120 words or less).
  3. For poetry, there are no length requirements. You can submit poems in one document.

Kindly note that some editorial suggestions may be offered to your submission and as such several revisions may be required. We will agree about these with you before publication.

By emailing your work, you are giving permission for it to be included in the anthology and to be used in whatever promotion follows.